The Moment

Posted: June 29, 2009 in Thoughts

I believe a moment can make or break a relationship, a moment can change an entire Life.  All of us have spent the best and the worst moments… we craved for “that” moment to stay long… and sometimes wished “the” moment to pass in a jiffy.

But why do people penalize their near ones… by giving themselves to sheer mindlessness for an instant to Live “the” moment. What makes individuals do this? Maybe egotism.. may be sense of supremacy over the other individual… I don’t know… still in a fix.. What makes them blind to reason and lead to impulsive behavior? … Is it immaturity then..?? I still can’t figure out.

It’s like slipping into a kind of lunacy: egoism cloud over all reasons and your driven over the edge… Its traumatic to find normal people giving it to a fit of passion that is so harebrained. Dear friend, there’s that split second before you tip off the balance; which is the ‘making’ or ‘breaking’ moment. And then you get to the point of no return, when you are lost to emotion and consequence.

I’m afraid you have confronted with the ‘moment of truth’.. Now you are growling with your face dipped in dust..


  1. Priyankari says:

    I too believe in ‘moments’…nothing is more precious than a beautiful moment lived…and yes, its heartwrenching how a small moment can make or break the most precious relationship…Very true a post…liked it!

  2. Sam says:

    ‘Moments’…a funny word if u ask me…but has the capability to make and even break so much in life…in such a long life somehow we only remember the pauses…both good and bad…we all have a short term memory…and a really short one i say…we tend to remember the “recent” and if its a bad moment den 9 times out of 10 we will live by dat…and act accordingly too…and hence causing more disaster…the end result being the life we get…the life most of us living…!!!

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