Grass Is Greener on the other side

Posted: July 2, 2009 in Thoughts

My friends have started working immediately after MBA (ahem..!!), they have already clocked in a few months of experience in their entry-level job (mark my words), and they all sounded wretched. Banks, Advertising firms, Entertainment, didn’t matter – they are all utterly miserable. They whine about long days at work, the wretched colleagues, the office politics, but more than anything else they complain about their “boring  & sick” life. The tasks required of them are simply senseless and redundant as compared to a B-School curriculum. They spend hours grueling into databases trying to figure out the exact “information” from them… “cold calling” people who don’t want to be called at all.. researching entirely on irrelevant subject their supervisors have impounded on them… each complain that they have got dumber in this short span of time and there is absolutely no escape.

I am still waiting for my chance.. I don’t feel the urge to work anymore (my friends acting the perpetrators).. I would rather do something ‘fun’ all day long (like writing for a fashion magazine or promoting a Reality show) than get wedged in a ‘boring’ job…

This phase I am going through is like enacting the way my grandfather lives his life.. a new venture – tasting a retirement life (right sam..?)

I hope I don’t admit to the moment of panic… and end up ruining my happiness…(wat say anurag?)


  1. Surajit says:


  2. ankita says:

    Well said and very true about current scenario…I think I should also leave my job n have lots of fun…

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