Happy and Gay

Posted: July 8, 2009 in Thoughts

Week days are long and tiring…. Weekends always seem to slip away… Sunday was a mixed bag.. it was fun to watch New York-the psychotherapy of a troubled mind (John) that has taken him to wrong path(terrorism).. Roger Federer embracing history… only player to win 15 grand slams…!! Andy Roddick brawling for a do or die match… IIFA 2009.. Kangana flaunting her super heavy gown (25 Kg..unbelievable..yet true) and some good food.. ‘luchi- mangsho’.

Mumbai life is good… at least till now… was glued to the television for the past couple of days…following big stories…(best pastime u can ever get). I found ‘Media’ was in overdrive for the last few days… specially July 2, 2009… ‘Consensual Gay Sex’ made Legal by Delhi HC. I still can’t understand what is this fuss all about? Sec 377.. decriminalization… lesbian…gay…religious leaders… political parties… hah…!!  Come on guys..wake up… I think its one of the greatest milestone in India’s social evolution. Homosexuality is as old as mankind… its not that it has been added to the human social dictionary lately.. and as a matter of fact homosexuality is not a matter of option… Tagging it as a crime is being unfair to a class of society..which is almost 70 billion in India..(gay, lesbians and transgender). And you talk about ‘Social life’… what society.!! Then condemn the imprudent criticism by those who follow religious texts that allow polygamy, child labours, preserve the belief of caste and treat Dalits and women as inferiors.

You Biggies are concerned about Indian Culture and Indian society..What Culture are you talking about..? India estimated to have 60 million child labourers – the highest rate in the world.. is that what you boast about… Indian society..and heterosexuality- aha.. a few more Shiney Ahujas.. frequent gang rapes- is all what you want..!!

You talk about Freedom of Expression – huh-gay life in India is largely suppressed, and it is believed that they stay in the closet for the risk of being disowned by his own family. Aghast- On the contrary they are forced to marry.. imagine the trauma the partner will face. Let’s not criminalize and stigmatize them and force them to dark dungeons and force them to lead a “hellish” life.

Films like Fire (Lesbian theme), My Brother Nikhil, Dostana (recently) have been welcomed by Indians. Society is changing.. attitude needs to change as well… And why the hell do you want to know about someone’s sexual orientation..its completely personal.. Let them enjoy their own personal life… and let us take a chill pill and focus on more appalling events like the economic slowdown, the water crisis… and enjoy the hot kathi chicken roll.. (paneer frankee in case you are a veggie)…

  1. rashi says:

    wow!!u have a true picture….i too don understand y ppl are dying for the society..our nation is still handicap coz of this hell word society….this society have actully not 2 or 3 but many diff diff faces…whn u produce somthing for fun in front of them they ll enjoy it to the fullest but as long as human feelings,life are concerned they just ruin it….wht i think the weakest part of our nation is society coz it just apart everything even roti,kapda and makan,,,the way u have presented everything is beautiful and full of guts and courage for that i am really proud on u……tc

  2. Priyankari says:

    Quite a studied post…Learnt some good numbers..Keep blogging 🙂

  3. soumi says:

    i think i quite agree wid u about d uselessness of all dis hue an cry about sec 377,homesexeuality is something dat has existed across cultures round d world so why turn our backs on reality and pretend alls well.I would be happy if our social police turn deir attention to some real economic and social issues rather than creating mediahypes

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