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Sweet November

Posted: November 16, 2009 in Thoughts

Nov 16,2009 – It doesn’t rain in Kolkata at this time of the year..  but it is; this time. This is the first winter rain. Ah such a nice weather, the rains pouring on me and setting me free.  It’s blowing the soothing breeze and the tress dancing to its tune, what a sight. Most people must be really irritated to see it raining, it might ruin their Monday evening, but for me I wish if it could rain everyday. I love the symphony of the rain drops – who has taught them this magical musical notes – maybe God. Ahh rain it washes away all my tears and all my pain; it makes me dance and makes me sing again. A healer I can say, washing away all the sad past of life. Tomorrow it will be a wonderful morning, a clean and a fresh surrounding. I am loving November again.

Rituwinter rain