Life and it’s Polar Opposite

Posted: June 3, 2010 in Thoughts

It’s a normal phenomenon in almost all of us- very often u have walked away with worse, and then comes the turning point, u get caught for something much smaller.

There are unfathomable experiences of life..

There are dreams we share, there are dreams which we keep it to ourselves…

There are regrets, there are disappointments..

There are contentment that fill your heart..

There are lives that you lead and the lives you wish you would lead.

There are people that you know and the people that you wish you knew.

And sumtimes, People you wish you didnt know.

You are betrayed but u still want to believe..

You wait and wait..theres no end to this wait .. but u still wait ..

For that something, for that someone

Clouds of despair hover around you.. and you cross ur finger..

Waiting for the twilight

You love unconditionally, and u believe it will reciprocate..

But it never does…

You cling on to your hope, but time gives up on u .

You wish and you dream to be wished for

You wonder .. you wonder and u wonder

You expect.. you repent..

Expectations never loosen.. repentence never decend

You sulk.. you scorn

You want to undo

You want to freeze the time

You expect the unexpected.

You feel lost and keep yourself from going under.

You find a way..

You get better.You become worse.

You look around and you think.

You wish to do things

You wish to be with people.

You wish to not be with them.

You fell dejected..

Someone makes you cheerful..

Someone makes you smile

Someone makes your day

You become desperate

To get someone, to do something..

You fail, you fail miserably

You want to be dependent on someone

But you hate to loose yourself

You want a shoulder, You want to hug

You want that Someone ..

Someone in your life

Someone who would travel along with you

Someone who makes u feel prettier

Someone who will make u stronger

Someone who was waiting for you

You hope. You wish.

You want to try again

You collide with your fate

Your fate mocks at you

You realize,

You don’t stop

You move on

And Life moves on..!!


  1. unfathomable.unpredictable.unavoidable………………haha life.very well written buddy!

  2. Swetak says:

    lines that touches your heart,words so beautifully used..amazing dear…i think every single person can envisage oneself with the same feeling at one point of their life, with what you have beautifully jotted down…..

    Looking forward 4 your next write up….

  3. Rashi says:

    very well written…gives the shadow and meaning of real life,,,,,keep it up,,,

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