Bygone days

Posted: June 30, 2010 in Thoughts

Graduating years passes the fastest in one’s life. Every year seems to be at race against each other, trying to expedite the edification process. It’s more like the end of one chapter and the beginning of one. There are times when I look back on my college years and wonder where the time flew. I sit back and reflect on the days, of things done and undone.. and ponder why certain things did not happen… things that could be easily accomplished, easily carried out.

College for me like every other young adult meant to have a series of head turning experiences, finding new ways of bunking classes, sometimes fine-tuning the age old processes of bunking, sometimes discarding the creaky theories of proxy and giving a pump to the new age adrenalin (often succeeding).

Bygone days:

Sitting in the canteen beyond class hours, strumming a new note on the guitar, humming the latest melody, debating over last night’s cricket match, sipping on the nth cup of tea, cursing everyone for getting up early to attend yoga class, college does all these to us, but in style.

In the process we meet friends, friends of friends and the chain grows. Friends become the most essential part of our graduating lives. They become so easy to relate to, easy effortless friendships. Sharing joys, sharing griefs, sharing dreams, sharing toilets –gist, sharing every bit of one’s own self. The yester years with friends, I bet one of the best parts of human life: exchanging hugs, dutching at joints, making each penny count, brooding over rumors and envisaging the outcome, but again in style.

The golden graduating years where almost everything mattered. Life was more of a life- laughing our a** out in every possible occasion, imitating faculties and fellow mates, nibbling the pastry when my friend is not looking, sharing portions of food, wishing for a planned-surprise birthday cake at midnight, sharing deep dark thoughts, feeling jealous of her new sandal, persuading friends to have non-veg for dinner at the same time feeling  triumphant on this little victory. The late night Maggi-s wouldn’t have tasted that great if it wouldn’t be made with the left over vegetables and spices, especially oregano and chili flakes (stolen from the nearest Pizza place).

My friends were always the best of the kind; helping me to dream big, studying together almost like  group discussions, selflessly helping at the exam centre, helping in last minute report submission and presentations, helping to choose the best dress. Friends always gave me the Last boost, the Last push, encouraged at possible juncture (still do by reading my blog) may be more than what I deserve. Before we went our separate ways, we tried to spend the whole time together, we knew it was our last chance.

Together, together, together everyone

Everyone is special in their own way

We make each other strong

We’re not the same

We’re different in a good way

Together’s where we belong


I was waiting for the final verdict. I was anxious to conquer the corporate world, the fame and the fortune and more! It was so hard on the final day, when I had to bid goodbye to the best of the breed. I did it with a lump in my throat. A friend like you always makes it easy through every up, through every down. No matter where life takes us nothing can break us apart (You know that’s true).

“The emptiness is so familiar

Each good bye the same old song

Start protecting my heart and soul
Cause I don’t think I’ll survive
A goodbye again, not again”

I miss the ooo-s, the aahh-ss, the whoa-s and the high fives… I miss my college, I miss my friends – I miss my Life!

(Note: This post is dedicated to my friends and I guess I don’t have to name them, they know who they are.)

Much love


  1. Vandana says:

    Brought a lump to my throat. Now when I look back I really long for those days, those petty fights and ego issues, but there is no hugs now and no long heart rending chats just emptiness and routine boring life.

  2. Sudipta Chakraborty says:

    Really an excellent work.It really did remind me of the good times we had spent together-perhaps the best time of my life.I still remember the love and affection of Kaku,the motherly care of Kakima and her excellent delicious dishes.Thaks a lot dear for being ther during the toughest time of my life.I AM ALWAYS THERE FOR U.Miss u.

  3. Sweta...:) says:

    Freaks !!! I got goose bumps!!! I felt as if..I am watching a flash back…of the best days of my life…thanks for being thr…our frndship will stronger with time…love u a lot…:)

  4. Abhishek Chakraborty says:

    Why do we say the time to be Bygones????
    They are the times…which never say us Bye… rather we keep them alive in our Present.
    Today when we sit across a Conference table…we remember that Informal College Canteen ka table…..
    A cricket match is replaced by “Match”ing the Competitor…But where have we left our own days….this is where we come back to Live life in the Full Circle…..
    Standing here..I just see a Shadow of my own self..

  5. well, this one is a master piece. and i am being honest. you can frame it , and hang it on your drawing room and you would have ardent admirers. this one is a honest tribute to college life and anyone who has managed to get that far , would relate to it . although we didn have yoga classes and didn nibble on pastries , i know where you are coming from …this one post takes me back to my college life and back ….HAIL YOU!!!

  6. Shukti Shuvra says:

    I agree with can really go for it.i am glad i could always see through what looked like sparkles and twinkles even though it was quite dark around.despite the shape ,size or the usual properties……..i always knew that it could disperse light into vibgyor,once you allowed light to pass through it.i always believed in the prism i realised.i always knew that it was a prism.the prism itsalf proved it to me.
    as i have mentioned in the orkut profile,that i am no longer a virgin cause life has f****d me up,all bloody(forgive my expressions)…….and as i told you earlier that writing something is truly a pain to me at present.there’s steam and bubbles but i fail to find words……..something that never required thinking or wondering or searching previously.but,i had to write whatever i could today.lord bless you for that.
    yes dear,FRIENDSHIP,in the purest sense of the word is truly a gift of happens inspite of happens inspite of seperateness and means being united with life means accepting the abandoned and rephrasing transforms guilt to courage.the word FRIENDSHIP is the greatest challenge to cherish in life and once you are successful in cherishing it despite all odds of the mind,heart,society,indecisions and doubts…………you become the monarch of positivity.the word FRIENDSHIP has something triumphant in it.



  7. rashi says:

    hi ritu,,,,u bought college memories in front of me,,,m too missing those days…hey i think if u could have mentioned sudha maam somewhr,,it could be more beautiful….hehehe,,but overall ,,it really refresh those days…cheers…

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