Ode to you Pals

Posted: July 4, 2010 in Friends, Life, Thoughts
A post dedicated to my friends whom i know for aeons. By this time i guess, I am in a position to understand, who they are and what they mean to me.
1.  Aliviya
Aliviya – She s been my best pal for donkeys years. With her I share the most effortless and easy friendship almost synonymous to ‘breathing’. She’s this tuff no-nonsense chick but actually a real softy. We are so alike.. We even love to bitch about the same people, thank God we dint fall for the same guy. You can talk to her bout anything. She’ll fight for you, laugh with you, can really cheer you up when you are down. She’s all for women’s liberty and equal rights for women. She s been always helpful to me – sheltered me in the darkest of nights. Aliviya s amazingly fun to be with, she always makes me feel a little younger, a little less responsible.
There are special people that we meet in life who seem to make life’s journey a little easier. Those people are like a candle that shows the obstacles in your way so that Life is easier to deal with..Aliviya is one of them . I treasure u my friend.


Shukti is my coon’s age companion. She is a brilliant singer, a proficient actor, a good dancer, and an accomplished orator. Although she was with me in school but we came really close in my + 2, and i was astounded to see the other side of Shukti… soft and tough..innocent and matured…lively and boring. The relationship between us cannot be easily explained..she is a special friend..i admire her sense of humor..and her implacable ways of slogging herself…she was always a friend whom I cud turn to, someone I cud always count on.. there were days when bubbling came the innocent child within us, giggling at the little things and wearing silly grins… I was so amazed, at how I could ever find that special friend who shares your every moment? Who reaches for you exactly how you hoped, and always…always, helps you make your dreams come true! I am blessed to have someone like her.

One more left, will append it once i get some time.

Much Love


  1. Shukti Shuvra De says:

    Thanks a lot dear.

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