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A little Realization

Posted: November 10, 2010 in Thoughts

Every realization has a story behind, and mine is no different. Life is always ambiguous. But one thing which is straight and simple is that it does not believe in favouritism. Opportunities are thrown at one and all, but it totally depends on us how we handle it (with care). We aspire to have a highly flamboyant lifestyle with some added fame, exactly like the extra cheese on our Pizza. In this process we often lead a very cosmetic life – creating a society of affluence and greed. Do we actually desire a moderate life..?? I’m sure none of us do. But why? Even after achieving a comfortable level of financial security, we don’t stop, we aspire/desire/want/crave for more. Strange is the human psychology.

Someone once told me we can maximize our happiness by minimizing two habits –expectations and comparisons. Expectations end up hurting your own self and comparisons create jealousy. Life is not as long as we think it is. Why do we waste it on useless and mindless activities like, complaining, backstabbing and hurting one another?

Human beings are bound to create relationships; we cannot deny our basic instincts. We are social animals; relationships are an inevitable component of our existence. There are Ups and Downs in every relationship; how we control and manage it totally depends on us -whether we would like to follow a ‘Forgive & Forget’ policy or whether we would   keep on building negative emotions and grudges against each other. The choice is on us.

Did anybody say Life will always be rewarding? Then why do we expect every relation to be like Lake Placid?? Past is a grave and the future is unknown. Living in the present moment is what can yield positive results. Again, the choice is ours. Simply pondering over past miseries and not learning lessons will make us cling to the past in sadness. It is only when we wisely embrace the lessons that we let go of the past and move on in life to brighten our present. My granddad had taught me this Golden line – “We need to know the commas and full-stops of life.”  We need to exactly know where to pause and where to stop in life.

There’s absolutely no Rule Book for creating a content life, then why are we still searching for one?