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Someone to Love

Posted: June 18, 2011 in Life

She remembers that hug, that dark night, the silence between them.  Everything seemed perfect. She dint know it was the final goodbye. She cannot remember the Saturday, when they parted ways, but will always cherish the Friday, when they sat hand in hand, under the deep dark sky, promising to love each other forever. Unaware that ‘forever’ was very short lived.

She still remembers the touch of his fingers, the color of his eyes and the smell of his body. It’s still so fresh in her mind. Every time he looked at her, she felt prettier, every time he held her hand she felt complete, every time he took her to his arms she felt a little more close to him, a little more pampered. He could speak right to her heart, understanding her was as natural as breathing. He knew exactly how she needed to be touched. All she needed now was that touch to save her life and to put it back on track.

Now that he is gone, she is walking on an endless lane and life is just passing by. She is dragging her feet, stumbling like a child, longing for that helping hand. She can’t sleep; she’s up all night, and through her tears she trying to smile. She’s losing her grip.

She cries in the night, just to try to hold on

No one can hear her, she’s all alone….

This little girl closes her eyes

All that she wants,

Is someone to love…….

 She never wants him to realize how lonely she is without him. She is broken hearted but she can’t let him know that. She is afraid, that some day some long lonely road will lead her back to him again.