Dear Stranger….

Posted: July 21, 2011 in Thoughts

I don’t know whether any of you ever had the same experience, I always feel the snag when I am trying to narrate this unforgettable incident. The thwarting problem of where to begin, the thing is I really don’t want to go wrong over, because one false step and the whole story will loose the charm.

I had taken the Metro to reach Park Street. Usually that’s my route to reach office. Yes you are right; my office is in Park Street… Some of you are already Jealous with a capital J.  It was the usual Monday morning with all possible shades of blue to describe the day. The Metro is supposed to have some semblance of usefulness of a comfortable public transport, but trust me its not. I have been travelling this way for quite some time now so I am accustomed to the procedure, I have my own shortcuts, I know exactly which door to get off on which station so as to be a minimum distance from the escalator..  So here I was on my way… surrounded by men who love to stare and push for no reason.

My eyes fell on an attractive piece of skin. I stared at Him. Neatly combed, stripped shirt with cufflinks and an expensive watch. It’s excessive for someone to have both looks and money. He gave me an unfriendly look, and our eyes dint meet again. Next day I took the same metro and I found him, but this time the distance between us had decreased, though he did not look at me at all… Days continued..

A new week started. I boarded the train, and this time I could actually read the brand on his watch; he was that close. I peeked up at him one more time, and regretted it. He was glaring down at me, his black eyes full of revulsion. As I flinched away from him, shrinking against my chair, the phrase if looks could kill suddenly ran through my mind.

The usual routine continued, this day when I boarded the train I saw him staring at me. I was sure, though, in the instant our eyes met, that he didn’t look harsh or unfriendly as he had the last time I’d seen him. He looked merely curious again, unsatisfied in some way.

The next day he smiled. Instantly I fell in Love with him. It’s not like love at first sight, really. It’s more like gravity moves. When you see him, suddenly it’s not the earth holding you here anymore. He does. That’s his magic. And nothing matters more than him. And I would do anything for him, anything..

Everyday, every time our eyes met, there was an invisible spark, which kept me smiling the whole day. 

This was the day when we sat next to each other, and the vibration and buoyancy of the heart was beyond control. We dint speak to each other. There was no friction in the space between us. The stillness was peaceful — not like the calm before the tempest, but like a clear night untouched by even the dream of a storm.

I don’t see him these days, can’t figure out where he has disappeared…

Dear stranger..

I don’t mind if you want to give me the wrong impression again

You can hold me hostage any time you want

You have touched my heart.. and it will always be yours..!!

Much love


  1. u just resembled one of the million short love stories that happens in metro train everyday. those stealing eyes which meet among hundreds. the turnaway smiles , fiddling with phone when u know someone is watchin u….this is just pure moment of stolen love.

  2. Surabhi says:

    absolutely awesome ritu!!!!!!!!! loved it…… the flow the nuances…. good going…. and truly inspiring!!

  3. priyankari says:

    i know this feeling.. 🙂 well expressed…i especially liked: ” It’s not like love at first sight, really. It’s more like gravity moves. When you see him, suddenly it’s not the earth holding you here anymore. He does. That’s his magic. And nothing matters more than him.” Beautiful 🙂

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