In search of myself – the new found “Me”

Posted: August 7, 2017 in Thoughts

I have had extensive travel for the past few weeks – Dubai, Sharjah, Delhi, Chandigarh and now back to Kolkata. I realized I need a break. A break from the shackles of mind and imagination. And now after the enriching last two weeks I am eager to start writing again.

I want to quit my job at the first place. Not that it is sucking the soul out of me, but I realized that something inside me is just not in peace. Yesterday at Delhi, I felt what a blood sucking Monday I live L every week. I was with my very close people in Delhi enjoying the morning. I did not have to drag myself out of the bed.  I felt so good realizing that I will spend my day doing things that I wanted to do and spend the morning with the people I really want to be with.

I have decided to do a lot of activities once I get the freedom from ‘go to office come back home’ disorder that I have been blindly following for the last couple of years. I will make a list of books I want to read. I will get admitted in a fitness center because I realized in the past few years, I had let my mind and body rot and stink and reach a place I did not think it would ever go to. I will probably run around the house behind Kiaan, make him giggle and make plans for him. The excitement of my new life had camouflaged everything else that is going on with me now.

I have taken some timeout and assess my life what I wanted and what I am now. I need to break-free and accept life the way it comes. Acceptance has always been a challenge for me. Nevertheless, there is no reason I should not try once again. I have already decided to change my study table and add some flavor s of happiness into it…

After a long time, I feel so whole heartedly at peace. It’s almost like I’ve pressed the refresh button in life and am attempting to do it all over again.


And so, I start again.


Much Love



** Uploaded a little late

  1. Sandip Chakraborty says:

    Tor janye,
    Dustu maye🙅🏻, misti haasi🙂,
    Chokhe swapno,bejai khusi,😁
    Rege gele vayonkori,😡
    Sobai bole trahi trahi,😤
    Likhche nijer praner kotha,
    Khusi moja anondo makha,
    Goppo ta vai khubi valo,🤓
    Pore Amar mon juralo.
    All right very good,
    Mem khay cha biscuit.

  2. Som says:

    Awesome !!! Much awaited !!!

    Keep Rocking and keep shining….. u deserve the best !!!


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