And here’s to the Ally girl I met in the Woods …

Posted: August 16, 2017 in Thoughts

I met her randomly, somewhere, sometime back. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever met, perfect in all her ways … A perfect 10!  She is in her late 20s! She knows how to party hard and can be the most desirable girlfriend a man would long for… She gets high ! You will admire her the way she will admit her mistakes, apologize and move on. She has pink soft lips that makes men weak at the knees. She has those beautiful sparkling darkish brown eyes whose thoughts will only linger your mind.

She is ever smiling and is fun to be around, you can never be mad at her! She has the cute innocent look and your heart will melt every time you look at her. She moves with natural grace. She dresses to kill and you skip a beat every time she moves. Men wants to date her, she is charismatic and pulls people like a magnet 😊

She is witty. She is kind, but be careful because she is also easily angered and not afraid to stand her ground. She is realistic yet so creative. She is trustworthy and loyal although she has been hurt many times. She is cute. She is smart yet clumsy at times. She is loving and will never hold her back to love someone, although she has been longing for that love herself. She is a freak in the bed yet so gentle and loving. She is crazy and loves to spread happiness and warmth, but secretly she feels in secured, unwanted, dejected. She has a lot of interests. She loves sports, music and books. She is talented too – loves to sing, dance, paint and write!! She will cook for you, make you a meal even on a bad day to make it up for you. She is ever giving and ever caring… it’s just that you may not notice..

And here’s to the ally girl I met randomly back in the woods..

** Dear Men, the woman in your life is like the Ally Girl, whom you have failed to notice or has been long enough that you looked at her with appreciation. Treat her well and look at her closely, you will fall in love again. The unshaped body may be because of your baby/babies she carried. The wrinkles on her face can be because of the tireless days and nights she is trying to make up for things so that you feel wanted and special. The coarse hands can be from doing the regular household work. She doesn’t want your money or your car, she wants your attention, your smile, your effort and you choosing her as your priority.

Reciprocate her silent-love. She is waiting for your attention!  She is your Perfect 10!

Much Love


  1. Abhishek Mukherjee says:

    So True 👍

  2. Som says:

    I am speechless 👌👌👌

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